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Our team draws upon 25 years of collective front-line government affairs experience and knowledge across foreign trade, business functions and industry sectors to create long-term strategic value, solve difficult challenges, and deliver bottom-line results.

Our Business Story

In 2009, EXTRADE CONSULTING was founded by professionals with large experience and knowledge in foreign trade, customs regulations and supply chain management, but we are also a group of friends who share same way of working based on personal values as transparency, integrity and compliance.

Over the last years of business, our portfolio of services has grown by adding Government Relations & Public Affairs in order to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.

Regular communications, team member availability, and sense of urgency are hallmarks of our approach to client service.

Our Expertise & Services

EXTRADE CONSULTING can advise your company on compliance best practices, guide to improving your global business processes, and provide hands-on business operations support by designing and executing a solid program.

Our services can be tailored to each company’s needs and budget. From solving a single import-export related issue in-country, trade your products all around the Word to full-service contract Global Trade Compliance Management.



We understand how governments operate, working closely with our clients in Argentina and Region to set achievable goals and develop creative strategies to accomplish them.

We help our clients to better identify and achieve all benefits, incentives and promotions setting for new business, industrial plants, updated projects and technology in Argentina and Mercosur.

We represent our client interest before Governments as well as Private Chambers and Associations.

We take care to spot out all actions, contacts and institutional management to carry out in-force legal requirements, accomplish deals and solutions for investment projects and business opportunities.

We help our clients to maximizes business success providing counsel on current and new regulations decided at all levels of government, also managing shared agenda and daily communications.

Delivering tailored market studies with primary and secondary intelligence – we combine fact-based, market driven research together with candid perspectives from key industry insiders ensuring public (government) and private (B2B) sector business development efforts are more productive.

We generate customized trade flow analysis and legal regulations studies in order to give solid support to our clients to decide new investments and products launch in Argentina and Latin America.



We develop and implement Argentinean and regional market entry strategies for multiple sectors, industries and geographies – we arm clients with market insight and implementation tactics to enter new markets with confidence.

We support decision makers and put in place with our client customized solutions and actions in order to optimize their global sourcing process, finding new strategics partners (purchasers, sellers, representations, commercial channels, investors).

We provide comprehensive customs assessment and global trade compliance on import-export around the world, helping our clients comply with the ever-changing and complex rules, regulations and laws.

We understand international trade markets, regional customs regulations, tariff and non tariff barriers and local foreign trade process.

We support operations and work on a daily basis with suppliers and clients to develop creative strategies, set imports & exports volume and achievable goals to reduce cost.

We ensuring all steps to achieve special customs regimes, tax duties promotion and foreign trade benefits as In-house customs, Bonded Warehouse, Factory (RAF), Temporary Admission and others.

We help to Identify the correct HS code, ensuring compliance and opens opportunities to create duty-reducing strategies, capitalize on free-trade agreements that could result in less trade regulations and border requirements.

We provide technique support to operational areas to optimize cost, process and reduce risk on each step of their supply chain (customs brokers, freight forwarders, international logistics, bonded warehouses, etc).

Import & Export

Trading company

Buying and selling our clients products and services under local regulation, we mange all foreign trade related issues as customs brokerage, currency chances, international payments authorizations, import & export restrictions, licenses, certifications and others.

Operating under our trading company, we allow our clients to keep focus on their daily and strategic business matters.

We continuously respond to customers needs that are changing with the times, we cooperate and negotiate with our business partners around the world and make the best proposals on commercial contracts and supply chains from the customers’ perspective.

Through whole value chain management on import & export we takes maximum advantage of our global networks we have built up over our many years of doing international business contributing to achieve better import conditions and new products demands outside Argentina.

We actively search the counterpart and purchase its products responding also to changes surrounding the targeted industry and regulations changes.

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Our Clients:

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Av Del Libertador 1000. Vicente López (B1638BEV) Provincia de Buenos Aires - Argentina